Why it is essential for employee motivation to allow self-leadership ?


People are enabled in their training for cooperation and self-organization. But at the company, a manager tells them where to go. Find out why it is essential for employee motivation to allow self-leadership.

Executive: Suddenly, there is someone who tells you where to go

The continuously acquired self-management ability does not seem to be in demand after training and studies. As soon as you arrive at the company, it is the manager who sets the goals, assigns tasks and controls and evaluates the work.

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Even in cases where she has no technical knowledge. That people need leadership is one of the biggest misconceptions of our time. That they may sometimes want guidance – because it’s easier and more convenient when someone else thinks, organizes, takes responsibility for them – that’s quite possible. But need?

Self-guidance: Everybody can shape their everyday life

Every human being is able to shape his everyday life. He can get up, brush his teeth, get dressed, have breakfast and go to work. He can also plan a holiday, organize an association and act as a client. Without anyone leading him.

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Only the company has to be managed, not the people. What sounds simple is quite a virtuoso interaction of principles, structures and responsible actions. Because a company structure is not simply set up today and fully functional tomorrow. It takes the day-to-day care, the constant rethinking and co-operation of everyone to successfully position and hold a business.

Decision-making processes in companies: experts instead of executives

In order to achieve this goal, the management makes iterative decisions with the appropriate experts from the company. The experts think beyond their field of business entrepreneurial, consider the whole and make their mental contribution. Such decisions are accepted and implemented by all.

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Since every expert is involved again and again, he can not just retire to his task. He is interested in the whole company and actively advancing it. Otherwise, how could he otherwise make meaningful decisions in his area of expertise if he does not understand how the various areas of responsibility in the company are interrelated and influence each other?

Decide self-responsibly instead of pretend

A basic knowledge of business administration and computer science supports him. Everyone understands facts and figures that are made accessible to everyone in a transparent manner, and the interpretations offered by management are comprehensible.

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So everyone can make decisions responsibly for their area. He sets goals, decides on his further education, his business trips and also on investments.

When the framework is understood, self-responsibility works as a matter of course. Everyone is responsible not only for themselves, but also for the entire organization. That this way of working requires people in a different way than the execution of given goals is obvious. That it’s more fun, too.

The key to success is not the patent solution

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Work is done in modern companies in communities. For each project there is a group of experts who deal with the topics – in individual work, as a duo or as a team. No form of work is superior to others. The good mix, depending on topic and task, makes the success.

Because almost every topic has aspects in which a single expert can develop a subcontracting. Duos have a special charm because they combine two expertise with little need for coordination. Even a team can be useful for project tasks that require many different skills. But not always and at any time.

Employee motivation: achieving goals and results in dialogue

That is why working sessions have proven to be successful, in which there is a constant alternation between these forms of work. This also helps to closely align goals and results with each other and to be in constant dialogue with each other.

For this there is a documentation platform, in which well-prepared all results find and the permanent chat within working groups. Meetings are almost superfluous. And yet, everyone is informed and has enough time to make their contribution.

This also has to be learned, because not everybody knows how to act in a modern entrepreneurial context. The methods of traditionally established companies no longer work because there are no executives outside the company. All others are experts who lead themselves and act responsibly.

Proper motivation: External support becomes the norm

There’s no way to delegate a problem to the boss if you do not find a solution yourself. So it needs new methods for brainstorming, solution development and decision making. And this can provide a corporate coach.

As an integral part of the company, it shows how the individual organizes optimally, how duos work well together and how the productive cooperation as a team succeeds. The corporate coach delivers formats and ideas that make efficient work possible – even without leadership. At the same time, he taps the individual on his shoulder and asks, “Do you notice what?”.

Because people tend to run walls, ignore or overlook the right door, and they often do not understand how they themselves co-create the conflicts that push them.

A continuous self-reflection of the management and of all experts is a prerequisite for modern forms of cooperation. In this way, young employees can bring in all the skills they have acquired during their training. Without any shock at the entrance

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